Sunday, June 20, 2010

Song of the Week ...

I once followed this local band that became semi popular towards the end of the 1990's. The band, which still exists today but has gone back to being a cover band, is Love Seed Mama Jump. They can pretty much be explained as a party band with uppity and catchy music. We followed them all around the Philadelphia area in the 1990's - they were just plain awesome.

Their first "studio" album is called "Baked Fresh Daily," and is quite entertaining all the way through, with a mix of covers and some great original material, including a song called "Free." It's a "hippie-type" song in its message, but is catchy, simple, and complicated at the same time, with an enjoyable harmonica played throughout the song.

For one reason or another, it was not meant to be for LSMJ. In some ways that's good - for instance, my brother and I got to see Pete Weidmann (sp) play a show recently and chatted with him (Pete is a member of LSMJ, and wrote most of their songs).

There's not much out there on youtube, but here's a video of them that might give you a taste:


Realliveman said...

Unfortunately the video cam distorted sounds kills the song :(

sirgeb said...

Note to other LSMJ fans: Do not bet Pete what songs are on his albums... he knows.