Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fast Food Corner

I wouldn't call Hibachi a fast food place, but it is a chain. It is similar to Benihanna(sp), in that it is a Chinese/Japanese style restaurant where the chefs cook the food directly at your table. Hibachi also has a sushi section, which is quite nice. Not sure if the the other Hibachi's have this, but the one in Springfield (Delaware County) has an "all-you-can-eat" sushi experience in the downstairs section ... I recommend going there if you are extremely hungry, because the price per person is about $25 ... not outrageous, but not cheap either (you can sometimes find coupons in the clipper magazines).

Anyway, they used to serve the sushi "buffet" style, but now, you order it, which keeps it fresh. Folks, let me telly you, the food is delicious! You have to have the shrimp-fried rice - words cannot describe it. The sushi is above average (or at least the cooked kind that I get), but they also have other non-sushi items on the menu like chicken wings (which are ok at best), and chicken strips in some sort of honey-glaze (which are unbelievably good), and their soups are fantastic too. The service is friendly and relatively quick, and it never seems to be too crowded.

I highly recommend this all-you-can-eat in Springfield!

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paige said...

I love sushi. More than I should. A lot more.

There. I've said it.