Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Gaslight Anthem ... interesting name for a band that sounds an awful lot like the Replacements ... which is not a bad thing. They have a number of good songs on their "The '59 Sound" which debuted in 2008 ... and shockingly enough has been mainly ignored on America's mainstream stations.

Their song, Casanova, Baby! has a snappy beat to it, with a nice guitar undertone in the background ... certainly not a "garage" sound, but not far from it. In addition to the Replacements, I detect a little Springsteen ... again, not a bad thing. Someday, maybe, the U.S. radio stations will smarten up and give this group a shot.

Have a listen - see what you think:

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Realliveman said...

Pretty good, but not my style. That's the thing with the music industry today. It's not about music anymore. It's about sales and tours. Music today is in a sad state.