Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fast Food Corner

As you may have read a few weeks ago, I was quite upset with the folks at Subway because they didn't open their restaurant early enough for breakfast. Well, I finally got a chance to sample the Subway breakfast ... and folks, it was worth the wait!

I ordered myself a double bacon egg and cheese omelet on flat-bread, and my wife ordered some sort of ham, egg, onion, pepper and cheese on a muffin. We both also got a side of hashbrowns. Both our orders came to around $8.00, and it was money well spent.

First, the sandwiches were nowhere near as greasy as McDonalds and Burger King breakfast sandwiches (this is usually not a problem when hung over). They also seemed to just taste fresher. Plus, Subway gives generous side portions of hashbrowns ... and no, they're not as good as McDonalds, but they are a pretty close second.

The price and quality of the breakfasts are outstanding ... now, if they can just open earlier!


Realliveman said...

Now if we can just get them to open when I leave for work (4 AM),I will get to enjoy it too

Heff said...

That just doesn't look unhealthy enough to be a proper "Heff Breakfast".