Sunday, June 13, 2010

Congrats Cori and Melissa!

I had the pleasure of attending my cousin Cori's wedding on Saturday down near the D.C. area, and we had a great time - it's not often I get to see him, his sister or his parents (my uncle and aunt), so it was extra special.

The ceremony was held outside in a beautiful setting, and was about 15 minutes (which is what every wedding ceremony should be, by the way). The weather was humid, but we managed to stay "cool" with beverages. Just a fantastic beer selection at the reception - Guiness, Magic Hat, and Stell Artois to name a few beers.

The food was fantastic - it included a pasta station, fish station, and a "meat" station which offered the tri-fecta of steak, pork, and turkey (and yes, I partook in the tri-fecta).

Afterwards, we went back to Cori's parents' house for a picnic/barbecue. Good times all around!

The Fam!

Cori and Melissa

My brother and I "chillin.'

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El Padrino said...

i love weddings