Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fast Food Corner

I guess theoretically, Panera Bread can't really be considered a "fast-food" place, because the food is ... well ... healthy. However, the concept of fast food is to get your food fast, right? So, if this is the main qualifier, than Panera is indeed a "fast-food" place because they get you the food fast.

Now, this is not my normal idea of fast food, but I don't mind going there from time-to-time. I went there this past Friday, and ordered one of their "two-fors," which basically gives you the option to purchase 2 of the following - soup, salad, or sandwich.

I chose the soup and sandwich. The sandwich was some sort of turkey and bacon sandwich with a honeyish spread, on some sort of white/wheat bread. The sandwich was forgettable. But, the soup wasn't.

Panera makes a damn good french onion soup ... sure, sure, it's not a difficult soup to make ... BUT, it is a difficult soup to make "perfect." Panera does it well. The cheese is perfectly melted, and not burnt. They throw just enough croutons (or whatever the bread-like stuff is in the soup) as to not overwhelm the soup. Just a perfect piece of soup. Next time, I'll probably just forget about the sandwich and just get an extra-large bowl of the soup.


Heff said...

I haven't had French Onion soup in YEARS....but I will now.

paige said...

Two words: bread bowl.

I love Panera and I miss it desperately.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Paige... their bread bowls are to die for. Especially in the middle of a cold Wisconsin winter. yum. Perfect recipe to warm up the innards!

You should try their Chipotle Chicken or Turkey Artichoke sandwiches. You won't forget those.