Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Weekly Homework Assignment

It's time once again for Mama Kat's Weekly homework assignment. This week, I chose the following prompt: “What did you once lose? Write about your search to find it again.”

The middle school dance was a big happening - you actually got to go back to the middle school at night, drink orange soda, eat pretzels, listen to cool music, and tell diarreah jokes (well, that's what my friends and I did there). Every once in a while, you might even be lucky enough to dance with the "hot" girl during Stairway to Heaven (longest slow song ever!). The cost of the dance was $2.00, from what I remember, and the orange drink was $0.25 a cup. This, of course, meant that I had to bring money with me, and instead of just leaving the money in my pocket, or better yet, using a wallet, my mom gave me some sort "coin purse."

But, this "coin purse" wasn't an ordinary coin purse ... no, because it was made of leather, and had a soccer player on it (obvious to all that it was made for a man). And the purse was small enough to fit in my pants-pocket, without looking too weird (hey, that kid must be really excited!). I carried my dance money and orange soda money in said purse ... a bounty reaching nearly $3.00. The "D.J." began playing that song "Shout" that was made popular in Animal House, and let me tell ya, the kids all were "ga-ga" over it. My friends and I even took time out from the diarreah jokes to partake in the dancing to this diddy! It got to the point where we all did the "alligator" on the floor and were having a great time.

After the song ended, I went back to my usual spot on the wall with my friends, when I noticed I lost my cool coin purse and the remaining 50 cents in it! I was devastated. How could I possibly go home without it? What would my mom say? Would I ever be allowed to go to a dance again? I began to cry (certainly not a manly thing to do, but understandable considering the treasure I had just lost). My cousin Trish got her friends together to help form a search party for the coin purse. The D.J. even made an announcement to assist in the search.

The tears running down my face did apparently touch the heart-strings of a few gals at the dance, as I was able to slow-dance with quite a few of the popular girls ... a fantastic tactic if I do say so myself. The search party was successful, by the way, finding the soccer player coin purse in about 15 minutes. What a relief that was! All in all, a successful night - I found my coin purse, I was able to slow dance with the cute girls, AND I was able to purchase some orange soda.


Realliveman said...

Ok, after reading his now I know this was an elaborate scheme to get the popular chicks to dance with you. Los is the man!!

Steph said...

Nice story! You probably still use your "coin purse" huh? ;)

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Stopping by via Mama Kat... brings back memories... middle school dances and the things I wore... Oh My!

El Padrino said...