Sunday, June 06, 2010

Fast Food Corner

Burger King recently started promoting barbecue ribs ... I know what you're thinking - "This may be the single worst idea in the history of fast food." Well, being the blogger that I am, I needed to try these ribs for myself.

First, a little background. McDonalds every once in a while promotes a McRib sandwich ... apparently, it's barbecue pork patties on a sandwich. For the record, I've tried this sandwich once, and it was awful. The Burger King ribs are actual ribs, which already makes this better than the McRib.

A couple of things about this "entree." The ribs themselves are actually not that bad. I'm not saying these ribs are as good as something you'd get at a fine steak and ribs restaurant. But, they're not bad.

The problem is that Burger King gives you so few ribs - 6 of them ... AND they're cut in half, so they are tiny. Plus, the price for such little food is quite high. I bought a value meal with 6 ribs, and it costs around 8.50 ... you can probably go to Chili's or Appleby's and get an entree that is cheaper than this.

All in all, it was not as bad as I thought, but pricey.


Heff said...

Surprisingly, A LOT of people SWEAR by the McRib. When I tried it, I swore a little differently.

I'll stick to ribs at HBAG though, thank you.

Lisa said...

Speaking of Appleby's ... their 2 for $20 special is actually pretty good. DD and I went and had the steaks with garlic mashed potatoes, veg and an appetizer. Our bill was under $30. Not bad.

Ink and Stone said...

Real home-cooked ribs are the only way to go!