Sunday, February 21, 2010

80's Corner

Rock and Wrestling was a big thing in the 1980's. It seemed like everybody was a fan of wrasslin' at that time, rooting on the Hulkster as he fought off the bad guys like Roddy Piper, Mr. Wonderful, and The Iron Shiek, just to name a few. "The roof blew off the joint" when Cyndi Lauper got involved, leading to WWF's huge inaugural Wrestlemania pay-per-view.

I remember the huge build-up to this amazing extravaganza ... Hulk Hogan bringing in the famous TV bad-ass Mr. T. to fight the hated Piper and Mr. Wonderful. It was talked about everywhere from Saturday Night Live to MTV. Sure, there were other matches on the program, but they seemed to just get into the way of the big fight at the end of the night.

It changed wrestling as we knew it. Wrestling became somewhat "legit" in a weird way. Sure, everybody (well, just about everybody) knew it was fake or scripted, but this didn't deter the fans from suspending their disbelief and buying into the show (much like we do with plays, TV shows, and movies).

Hogan went on to win the match, and ascended to the top of wrestling stardom. The man quite shockingly is still relevant to this day in the sport. That night was an awesome spectacle for the "sport."


Four Dinners said...

All we had was Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy. Big Daddy was a bloke called Shirley. Oh dear...;-)

Realliveman said...

Hulkmainia! I remember this so well!

Dang I'm old :( lol

Mama Kat said...

I wanted to marry Hulk Hogan. I cried when I learned he was going to have to face Andre The Giant in the ring...didn't think he stood a chance.

Heff said...

It's not hard to stay relevant when your whole sport is fixed, lol.