Friday, February 26, 2010

Tiger No Longer On The Prowl?

Rumor has it, Tiger's press conference got bigger ratings than the final episode of Mash ... OK ... that's not really true (or at least I don't think it is). The circus around this has gotten kind of ridiculous, hasn't it? And, when I heard what Tiger was planning on doing with his "press conference," I wanted him to fail, and fail miserably. It sounded like another arrogant step from an arrogant man - controlling a press conference of this magnitude.

But, you know what? After hearing his speech, I gotta say, I like him better. He took responsibility for what he did, and asked people to focus on him, and not his family. It's kind of noble in a weird, demented way (I don't entirely agree with his assertion that this is all about his mistakes, because he built his image as a family man, which, in my opinion, makes his family relevant in this fiasco).

What I really found admiral in his speech was what he said about his rise to fame. He explained that in a way, his fame and popularity made him feel, in a sense, invincible. He felt that he had reached a point where it was almost like a rite of passage to "succumb" to all of the temptations that were "thrust" upon him.

Obviously, I don't agree with what he did. However, I get the feeling that this is very commonplace with celebrities and athletes. It sounds like an unwritten "law" of sorts. Once you become this uber celebrity, you become part of a 'swingers' club of sorts. And, that club is very, very private ... like the Skull and Bones ... or something like that.

Tiger admitted to this fault of his. He admitted that he bought into it. He didn't call it an addiction, but more of a mindset. I don't necessarily respect this, but I can certainly understand it.

He's got a long way to go, and he'll have to get in front of the press to answer specific questions at some time. But, I think this was a good first step. It sets the table.


Realliveman said...

We shall see how his speech did in the coming months with viewership and sponsors.

Personally, I think he did alright.

Heff said...

The whole thing was INSANE how seriously everyone took it.

I called it the "Tiger Woods State Of The Penis" address.

Four Dinners said...

He spends his time playing with little balls and his women spend their time playing with little balls.

There's a problem worth giving a shit about?

sirgeb said...

Apparently Gatorade doesn't feel the same way you do.