Monday, February 01, 2010

Dope or Nope

This should be a pretty easy one. The NFL Pro Bowl .... Need I say more? I do? OK - well, here goes. I remember being excited to watch the NFL Pro Bowl in 1981 right after the Eagles lost the Super Bowl. It was a chance for my heroes, like Ron Jaworski, Wilbert Montgomery, and Harold Carmichael to gain redemption for the Super Bowl loss. I honestly don't remember the outcome of that game, but I do remember being excited to watch it.

I've never been excited about it since. This is pretty much the way I feel about all All-Star games now. It's a waste of time. Maybe it's because the players don't care anymore. Maybe it's because players switch teams so often now that there is no "league pride" anymore. Maybe we see too much of these superstars thanks to cable. Whatever the reason, the games are boring ... the festivities are overdone, and it's an annoying stop to the season.

This year the NFL tried something different - instead of playing the Pro Bowl after the Super Bowl, let's play it the week in between the championship games and the Superbowl. Maybe in theory that sounds good, but now there are 14 players who are not participating in this all-star game. So, should we change the name to the "Semi-Pro Bowl?"

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