Sunday, February 07, 2010

Holy Snowstorm, Batman!

The Philadelphia area got hit with its second 20+ inch snowstorm of the season ... and folks, my back is hurting just thinking about all the shoveling I've got in front of me. I posted about this in December, but remember how great it was when we were kids? The possibilities seemed endless - do we have a big snowball fight, build a snowman, go sledding, build a snow fort?

As an adult, all I can think about is - man, how long is it going to take to shovel all this snow, I hope I have enough rock salt, I hope nobody takes my parking space that I just cleared out, and now I have to wash my car again.

Sure, snow looks great when it first comes down, and it gives us a reason to stay in, watch movies and drink, but after day 1, isn't it more of a nuisance? Am I just getting old and cranky?


Lisa said...

Um, did you hear the forecast for Tuesday night (and into Wed)?

Steph said...

Snow is a pain in my ass.