Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fast Food Corner

I've finally had the opportunity to try Wendy's Spicy Chicken Nuggets ... and although the commercials are a bit over the top with describing the "spiciness" of the nuggets ... the nuggets have a little heat to them, but by no means are they "hot" in the culinary sense, much like their "spicy" chicken sandwich. Sadly, fast food restaurants won't take the chance of making something truly spicy (probably a topic for another blog).

But, for 99 cents, the spicky chicken nuggets are certainly worth it. Wendy's by far gives the best value when it comes to chicken nuggets. McDonalds' chicken McNuggets taste great, but they are about twice as expensive. Burger King seems to have given up with regards to their chicken tenders, which used to be good, by the way. Now, they have chicken "tenders' in the shape of crowns, and they only give you 4 for a dollar. Probably better just to ignore those.

Back to Wendy's - I recommend the spicy chicken nuggets. The 99 cent price tag, and the hint of heat make it a tasty buy.


Four Dinners said...

Have you any idea which bit of the chicken is used for chicken nuggets?

An ex worked at KFC and I know these things.

I won't tell you in case you throw up on your keypad.

Mad fool!!!

40 minutes to Drunk Punk by the way...

No downloading so virus free.

Just click 'Listen' and you're away.

You can chat live in the SFR shoutbox.

Great music

oh dear...

Steph said...

My husband tried them about a week ago and he didn't think they were "spicy" either.

Heff said...

I'm sure the lack of spice actually has to do with catering to "average Joe Customer". The last thing they'd want would be a lawsuit for frying out someone's mouth-hole with too much heat.

Lisa said...

If KFC's popcorn chicken qualifies as a chicken nugget, then I think they're definitely my favorite.