Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fast Food Corner

Frozen pizza is a quagmire of sorts ... it never, ever tastes as good as delivered pizza, does it? Yet, we all still purchase it by the truckload ... and always hope against hope that the next frozen pizza will exceed our expectations. Sure, we've seen some "jumps" in frozen pizza technology ... with decent brands like Red Baron and Freschetta ... yet, these are merely OK, and certainly do NOT compete with pizza shop pizza. At least that's been my experience ... until!

I broke down and finally purchased a couple of DiGiorno pizzas. I guess I held out this long because I was more annoyed at their commercials than anything. First, they're really sappy ... it always centers around somebody "fooling" another person (or group of people) into thinking the DiGiorno pizza is actually pizza shop pizza. I hate sappy commercials. But, I was even more miffed that somebody had the stones to claim that they've created a pizza you can buy at a supermarket that actually tastes like delivery.

But, thanks to a big sale on DiGiorno, I took a chance ... and I bought a couple of pizzas .... and .... I actually liked it ... a lot! Does it taste like delivery pizza? No, not exactly. But, it is head and shoulders better than ANY supermarket pizza out there. The crust rises, the meat and cheese seems fresh, and the taste really does make you question how this could be frozen pizza. Folks, it really is that good.

I may not be able to go back to any other kind of frozen pizza ... I need more coupons!!!!


Heff said...

I always liked Tombstone (for the money) myself, but I must admit, DiGiorno's IS "the best of the worst", lol.

Jeff said...

Trader Joe's pizzas are pretty good.

Lisa said...

DD gets them free from work sometimes. So delish!

Realliveman said...

OK, for fast pizza, this is the best! Of course, Realliveman homemade pizza is the very best EVER! LOL

snowelf said...

I am with Heff, they are the "best of the worst" and I like them too. The stuffed crust ones are delicious. Still it's no delivery pizza, and not even close to Chicago pizza, (which has ruined me for all other pizzas for the rest of my life) but they'll do.