Monday, February 15, 2010

Dope or Nope

Rumor has it that Aerosmith is looking for a new lead singer. This seems to be "the in thing" with a number of bands in recent years - INXS had a freakin' reality show to determine its lead singer for crying out loud! The Cars tried to "re-invent" themselves as "The New Cars" a few years ago. And who could forget about the many iterations of Van Halen.

Aerosmith may be a little different, though. This band has been together for nearly 40 years at this point, and has, for the most part, had the same front-man. Now that Steven Tyler has apparently fallen off the deep end, Joe Perry and company are ready to throw that all out the window (really guys, after 40 years?!?!?).

Here's the thing. Can this band really go on calling themselves Aerosmith at this point without Steven Tyler? I mean, shouldn't they change their names at the very least? What do you guys think of this?


Steph said...

NOPE... Aerosmith would not be Aerosmith without Steven Tyler.

Pumpkin Delight said...


sirgeb said...

Doesn't matter- I doubt they're going to do anything useful as a band from here on out anyway.

Jeff said...

Hire a midget to sing "Big Ten-Inch Record."