Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weekly Homework Assignment

It's time once again for Mama Kat's Weekly Homework Assignment! This week, I chose the following prompt: 10 Reasons why you’re better off without him….or her….or it.

Snow, I used to love you, especially when you were able to "convince" my school to close for the day. I used to love to frolic in you, go sledding on you, and heck build forts and snow-men out of you. But, as the years have aged me, so have they gradually evaporated away the adoration I had for you. I know longer adore you. I no longer look forward to you. And thanks to your extended presence this season, I'm through with you.

Here are 10 reasons I'm better off without you:

10. Thanks to you, I have discovered new levels of back pain.

9. Driving a car on you is no fun at all.

8. You melt, then re-freeze, and cause me to slip and fall when I step on you.

7. You have caused tree branches and electrical wires to break.

6. In the past, the wife and I have enjoyed going to local bars as you fell to the ground ... unfortunately, you have fallen in record amounts, thus closing said bars.

5. Snow plows have pushed you up against my car, thus trapping it.

4. You have a way of motivating people to go to supermarkets and buy overwhelming amounts of omellette-making ingredients.

3. You turn gray and black near roads when you've been around too long.

2. You cause potholes.

1. You cause sappy newspaper headlines like "snow-kidding!"


Farmers Wife said...

omg that is the best photo ever!!! Imagine hosing that ice and snow off! Visiting from mama kats...xx

Life with Kaishon said...

I just want you to know that
I SO feel your pain.
It is falling steadily as I type.
Kaishon's school isn't closed yet though. I should go to court in the city but I am afraid it will get worse as the day goes on so I am calling out sick! : ) Let's just hope it melts quickly!

gamommy2two said...

Now now...You're blaming the snow for things that aren't the snow's fault! How can the snow be blamed for the plows pushing it up against your car! Forgive the snow! The snow needs you!

lol Great homework!

sirgeb said...

*shakes fist menacingly*

Brea said...

S.n.o.w... Hmmm... Nope, never heard of it.

Steph said...

"Snow kidding" - Are you serious?

And so much snow that the bars are closed. That is ridiculous.

-B- said...

I'm right there with you Los. You remember your last job - this place NEVER closes... and we have to use our own vacation and personal time if we don't come in - I feel like I'm running out of time if I miss a few more days over here!

tara said...

i *snow* over it too. (sorry.)

Danielle said...

I love #'s 6 and 1. Hysterical!

**visiting from mama kat**

Reverse said...

I like snow, but way to much... me no like.

Stu Pidasso said...

Nice post. I'm down here in Texas so I can't really empathize with you, but from the coverage alone I can tell most of you are fed up with it. On the bright side though, without snow we wouldn't have snow bunnies!

El Pad said...

i love it

Jeff said...

That picture makes me wonder: would 4 ft of caked ice/snow on your car have prevented the Comcast ass-dent?

Heff said...

"Snow Shit? "