Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Wacky News

OK, I think I've had enough of winter .... UNCLE!!!!

1. On a Colorado man who says he belongs to the THC Ministry and he's being prosecuted for Mariauna usage which is really only for religious purposes:
"Now rise for the bucket of fried chicken sacrament ..."

2. On a burglary suspect who was unable to get away from police despite using a pedal boat ... oh yeah, and he was also wearing only boxers:
"If Michael Jackson were still alive, he'd think this guy was kooky."

3. On a woman being caught with over 100 pounds of pot in her car.
"Ummm ... officer, you wouldn't happen to have any Cheetoh's, would ya?"

4. On a police officer being arrested on charges he raped a woman in custody and offered to release another woman if she exposed herself to the officer:
"Wait, Tiger Woods is now a cop?"

5. On CBS rejecting a gay-relationship Super Bowl ad:
"Somewhere in the world, Dick Cheney is smiling ... maybe that would be in the CBS studios?"


Steph said...

Love the one about the boxer wearing pedal boat man. I clicked on the link hoping to see a picture.

Reverse said...

5. On CBS rejecting a gay-relationship Super Bowl ad:

"I'm sure lady Gaga is protesting somewhere on this issue."

Lisa said...

i always enjoy these ... funny stuff!!