Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wacky News

Really? A staged Tiger Woods press conference being covered on every major U.S. station? Really? President Obama was jealous on this one.

1. On a monastery near Vienna, Austria offering men the chance to be a monk for a weekend.
"This is followed by free psychiatric counseling."

2. On a man who stole an ATM machine with a stolen pickup truck ... then tried to open the ATM Machine by ramming the stolen pickup truck into it.
"This guys sounds like he might need to take that Vienna monastery up on its offer."

3. On a story that using social websites like Twitter and Facebook could raise your insurance premiums by 10%.
"But, what about adult sites?"

4. On the inventor of the Easy Bake oven passing away.
"Rumor has it, that he elected to get cremated in an Easy Bake kiln."

5. On a Christian Aerobics class that helps you lose weight and find God.
"And jumping jacks .... and to the left ... to the right .... confess your sins .... good! Now, push-ups!"


Realliveman said...

Ok, these are funny!!

Four Dinners said...

I could be a weekend monk as long as there was an unstoppable supply of communion wine.

Now that would be a weekend!!!!